Amanda Morgan
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Amanda Morgan

Based in Massachusetts | New England 

In 2009, I graduated with my BFA in Photography. I moved back to New England from Philadelphia and opened my business. I knew I liked to take nice pictures, and at that point, that is all I knew.

Then I started photographing Weddings and Boudoir Sessions. I quickly learned, weddings are one of the best days you can ever be apart of. The moments, the atmosphere, the details; this needed to be captured and frozen in time to remember for years. I am responsible for doing that in the most beautiful way possible. AND I LOVE IT! That is why I am a wedding photographer.

Boudoir Sessions started in 2013 when a current bride approached me. I had never thought of trying these, but I took the job because it sounded amazing! The reason it sounded like such a great thing, is because I know how great I feel when I feel pretty. That thought when you walk out the door, that you want to go into every store and restaurant because you feel great! Every women deserves that feeling, and I get to not only be apart of that but create that experience for someone. That is why I am a boudoir photographer. 

In 2012, I married the man who knows all my quirks and is my rock when I need it. We flew to Kona, HI and were married on the water with our closest friends and family. When I came home, I felt closer to every one of my couples. I want each and every couple to receive the same experience I did. I will work each and every year to better that, and create the most unforgettable images for generations to enjoy! 

I want to thank each and every couple I have ever photographed

FUN FACTS: I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and to two boxers! I still play with my film cameras. I took my first darkroom class when I was 14 at Ponagansett High School. I love to fly!